Youth Programs portfolio updated - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Youth Programs portfolio updated

The past year has seen some significant changes in the formally Youth Programs space! Last year, Community Outreach Initiative joined MAX and emPOWERme. With the addition of COI to this portfolio, the decision was made to change the name to better encapsulate these programs. And so ‘Leadership and Development’ was born!

With leadership opportunities at the heart of these programs and with a wealth of skills and knowledge being developed, this seemed like the perfect fit.

It has been a busy time for these programs over the past few months.

MAX, currently being led by Georgie Gore and Luke Russo, is two months out from their week-long program. The team of 17 have been planning sessions and attending regular meetings to ensure that this year’s new crop of maxees have a very memorable week down at Somers in July. Recently, the team attended Facilitation training, led by Marco. This focused on session planning and both big and small group facilitation sessions.

For empowerme, co-coordinators Jenna Van Rusenberg and Kate Delaney are currently conducting an array of focus groups as the program goes under review. The decision was made to not run any programs this year and instead spend the year determining how to ensure empowerme continues to remain relevant for Year 10 students of today. So far, Jenna and Kate have facilitated sessions with past empowerme coordinators. In the coming months, they will be having sessions with teachers and previous team members as they look towards creating a vibrant and successful return for empowerme in 2025. Both Jenna and Kate are passionate about empowerme continuing to reach regional schools.

At the beginning of the year, Kelly Griffin and Anita Coffa stood down from their positions as Community Outreach Initiative (COI) leaders. At the present time, the view is to continue to have COI complete projects around the local Somers area to continue to build community connection. If you have ideas for COI projects or are keen to be involved, reach out to Phoebe for more information!

Phoebe Watson

Light Blue 2011