Youth Leadership Foundation – Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Youth Leadership Foundation

President & Camp Chief, Cath Dillon said “It was great to be meeting in person again after so many zooms”. A sentiment well and truly shared by the room.

Cath, together with Stuart Douglas who chairs the association’s Fundraising and Marketing Committee were guests to the recent meeting. CEO, Tim Ryan, also attended to present the next 12 months of key programs, outcomes and focuses to the Power House Youth Leadership Foundation (PHYLF) board members.

PHYLF was started in 2003 to support the programs and outcomes of Lord Somers Camp and Power House. The Foundation relies on generous donations to continually ensure everyone can experience the spirit of Somers now and into the future. 

With a difficult year of isolation for many of us, and with the mental health and wellbeing challenges it has come with, a strong focus moving forward will be reconnecting and providing renewed optimism for young people through the PHYLF Kick Off Awards.

These awards aim to help aspiring LSC&PH members build upon their dreams. This exciting opportunity enables the successful candidates to pursue their passions and interests by providing a cash award of $1,000-$1,800 to be applied towards their chosen area of interest.

You can expect to hear a bit more about these in the months to come. Be sure to keep an ear out.

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