Youth Leadership Foundation - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Youth Leadership Foundation

Did you know, the Power House Youth Leadership Foundation was started in 2003 to support the programs and objectives of Lord Somers Camp and Powerhouse.

Power House Youth Leadership Foundation relies on generous donations to continue to ensure everyone is able to experience the spirit of Somers now and into the future. We’d love your support to continue to promote fun, friendship, care, belonging and acceptance and realise our shared vision of a stronger, more inclusive society created through service to others.

Let us introduce you to one of the newest members of the foundation, Ben.

At camp

Ben was a grouper in 2010 (Dark Blue) and following that, attended ATLAS (SAIL Away) as a group leader.

At work

After starting his career in market and social research, Ben moved to Canberra to work on program evaluation. Now back in Melbourne, he is a Manager in the Evaluation Practice at the Department of Education and Training.

At home

Residing down the road from Power House with his partner and their cocker spaniel named Zoe, Ben enjoys Beach Road bike rides, including occasional Lakeside Drive laps, and swimming or paddle boarding around the bay.

On the Foundation’s Board

Ben joined the PHYLF Board in 2022. He brings a set of analytical skills to the role and is working on reporting LSC&PH program outcomes to the Board, and developing a donor database.

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