Lord Somers Camp and Power House holds as an utmost priority, the safety and wellbeing of every individual involved in our activities and programs and in particular the young and vulnerable people in our care. This core commitment requires us to be continuously vigilant regarding current best practice and legal compliance. You can read more about our Client Protection Policy here.


Lord Somers Camp and Power House requires its volunteers and employees to hold a current Working with Children Check (or equivalent) from the Department of Justice.


What is a Working with Children Check?

The Working with Children Check (WWCC) assists in protecting children from sexual and physical harm by ensuring that people who work with, or care for them are subject to a screening process.

A WWCC is distributed by the Department of Justice and generally takes 6 – 12 weeks from lodgement to successful notification. Both the applicant and nominated organisation will receive confirmation by post of a successful application which is then valid for 5 years. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to then maintain any changes to personal details, including changes to nominated organisations.

How do I apply for a check?

A WWCC can only be lodged by applicants themselves as it is a personal application. Privacy laws prevent LSC&PH from lodging an application for anyone on their behalf or requesting information about their individual check.

To apply for a WWCC complete the online form and then finalise your application at a participating Victorian Australia Post outlet.

If you are a registered Teacher or Police Officer you are exempt from a WWCC, please contact us to provide alternate documentation on this.

How do I inform LSC&PH that I have a current WWCC?

When registering or updating your WWCC you need to link your check with LSC&PH and provide us with your card number. By doing this we will receive confirmation from the Department of Justice when your check is complete and you are able to volunteer at our programs.

What information do I provide to link LSC&PH with my card?

Under Section D: Details of child related work

  • Mark 1st code as: 10
  • Mark 2nd code as: 42
  • Place crosses in the Volunteer boxes beside each code

Under Section E: Details of Organisation

  • Tick the box ‘I WILL be doing child related work for the following organisations:’
  • Enter the following details for LSC&PH as your nominated organisation


Name of primary Organisation: Lord Somers Camp and Power House

Address: 34 Lakeside Drive, Albert Park VIC 3206

Phone number: 03 9510 7066

What if I live interstate or overseas and want to volunteer at a LSC&PH program?

More information about applying from interstate and overseas can be found in our Client Protection Policy. You can contact our office team to determine what your relevant background check will be to attend our programs.

e. info@lordsomerscamp.org.au | p. 03 9510 7066