Why Induction? Why Now? - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Why Induction? Why Now?

LSC&PH has a strong and long history of member expertise facilitating dynamic camps and programs. This is thanks to the dedication and hard work of all members in bringing alive the association’s values, mission and vision.

To continue this legacy in light of recent legislative changes and increases in organizational obligations, LSC&PH is now offering an Induction that focuses on key areas of policy and procedure. The Induction piece is aimed at providing us all with a common language and clear guidelines for participation. For newer members and volunteers it allows us to have an understanding of the nature and commitment of our involvement in LSC&PH and what our obligations are to keep one another safe and well.

Other benefits from Induction and organizational training include:

Increase LSC&PH’s capacity to recruit, recognise and resource volunteers who choose to participate in activities which further strengthen the LSC&PH community
Facilitate partnerships with individuals and groups to encourage participation in a broad range of community activities and increase the level of satisfaction for those contributing
Encourage individuals, each with their own level of skills and experiences, to participate in activities which promote inclusion by all sections of the community
Promote the value and recognition of volunteering and encourage increased participation from individuals in activities that benefit the community

Check out the current Induction module via LearnWorlds Home (learnworlds.com), it takes 30 minutes or less to complete. Online learning should not be an obstacle to accessing training. Please contact us if you would like an alternative training solution to online learning on 03 9510 7066 or  training@lordsomerscamp.org.au