Updates from our CEO – Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Updates from our CEO

The effects of COVID-19 have seen a real need to support each other, check in on friends and family and focus some energy on our own, individual mental health. On top of this, we are ensuring time and energy is equally spent focusing on sustaining financial levers so that we can have the means available to deliver strong camps and programs when the time is upon us.

We have been successful with Job Keeper and other government assistance programs that have allow us to see only a 18% drop in cashflow (and stabilising) over the past 6 months actuals combined with the future 6 months forecast (March ’20 to March ’21). We also have been able to nuture a healthy balance to past grants and donations in readiness for a return to the programs we love so much whilst also seeing new ways to live our values through the KTSA working group.

We’ve been able to monitor closely on a weekly and monthly basis with the support of the finance committee our P&L which is now entering a more settled position following the initial unknown waves of lockdown. We also have support of our sub-tenants at Power House that allows us this opportunity to enter a sustainable financial maintenance period.

Not content with standing still, there is exciting work at positioning Somers Inc on the starting blocks to accelerate a return to revenue through the Somers Roadie concept, together with the program development with the KTSA working group, there is plenty of positivity towards working productively through, and beyond this crisis.

I’d like to extend my thanks to my staff, who have been working creatively through many problem solving sessions in what sometimes feels like a never ending week. My deep thanks also to our committee members for supporting the organisation with such grace.