Update from our President & Camp Chief – Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Update from our President & Camp Chief

Vale Ted Bailey

I wanted to start this update with a mention of the deep sadness I felt upon learning that Ted Bailey, our larger than life pocket rocket, left us on Monday. Some people show the world how to focus on the up side and continue to strive to learn and care and to never forget the importance of laughing with others and at ourselves. This was Ted.

At 93 years of age Ted just seemed to have endless enthusiasm for all that life brought his way and every new horizon that he set his sail towards.  Those around him couldn’t help but be caught up in the momentum he brought into every gathering and every new endeavour, be it an LSC&PH archives project or as the digital maestro of the Olds and Bolds Zoom rooms. I feel blessed to have known and learned from Ted and I know so many other members feel the same way. I’m also convinced that he will be willing his beloved Demons on to victory in the coming weeks through his own heavenly interventions!

We extend our condolences to Wendy and to all of Ted’s extended family of whom he was so proud. Those of us in his Somers family will truly miss one of our favourite (and most mischievous) honorary life members.  Bravo Ted on a life so inspiringly but humbly lived and thank you for all that you did in the service of the ideals of Lord Somers Camp and Power House. Vale.

Community Camps

After careful consideration and consultation with the leaders of the Community Camps and the respective community collaborators such as VSK and Mirabel, we have sadly had to make the hard decision not to proceed with the overnight experiences initially planned for September and October. With the COVID situation in Victoria and beyond so unpredictable at present, there was a shared view that this is a necessary decision.  Even if public health orders eased in the coming weeks, we could not guarantee the safety of the VSK, Mirabel, Diversity and ATLAS participants and staff at the proposed overnight experiences. We are however, turning our creative minds towards possibilities for online and / or day activities so stay tuned.

Keep On Caring

Many times in my life my mum’s words of “This too shall pass” have brought comfort and picked my chin up when life dished up an unexpected disappointment.  Today I offer her words to all who are reading this No Rest News to encourage us all to keep gently caring for ourselves and each other as we move through the current turbulence towards calmer waters.  Let’s take the time to do whatever it is that helps us to care for ourselves and keeps our Somers spirit alive and well. We have a wonderful collective and individual capacity for creative mischief and it can be quite a protective device when we use it to lift or serve those around us. Fellowship means many things to many people but I hope that it always means the reassuring comfort of knowing that there is an LSC&PH member at the end of a phone any time that you want to connect. As we know at Somers, “You’ve friends at Camp who are the best and they will see you through…”.

Take care,