Update from our President & Camp Chief – Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Update from our President & Camp Chief

Big Camp Planning

Both Big Camp leadership teams have been meeting online to tap into their creative ideas for our first ever April Big Camps. It was great to have the chance to connect with Georgie and Cath and their leadership team on Zoom last night and to see so many faces who have such a shared history of camp fun and belonging. It struck me that some faces on that Zoom grid screen were at the first Lady Somers Camps in the late 80s with me. It would have been a fascinating exercise to add up the total number of LSC&PH camps attended by the 40 or so familiar faces who were online. A similar deep vein of friendship, mischief, leadership and innovation is being engaged by John and Wok to conjure up another unforgettable grouper experience. On behalf of the leaders of both camps, I encourage all grouper nominators and applicants to get their forms in to assist planning and preparations.

Panto Adaptations and Antics

Our dedicated Power House Thespian program for 2022 is in the planning and in the meantime, the ever innovative 2021 Panto cast and production teams are continuing to rehearse for Pirates of the Pantomime. This creative theatrical adaptation was written by our very own Maree Williams and Emma Davies and is a great adventure for all ages. The cast and crew have devoted many hours to Zoom rehearsals and all are determined to prevail in the face of the current COVID challenges. The rehearsals are bringing to life the heroic Pirate Captain Jack who knows she’s a great pirate but lacks confidence and then plot twists and turns around a villainous protagonist accompanied by the familiar line up of generally good hearted characters adding movement, colour and humour.

The first mention of the formation of an LSC&PH Dramatic Club in our published history dates back to 1932. The nine decades that have unfolded since then include many fond memories of Panto performances featuring inspiring theatrical feats and some hysterical miscues and unexpected improvisations along the way. I wonder how many pantos I could name if I tried and I wonder how many members reading this might recall the Sleeping Beauty Panto of 1972?  No, I wasn’t there but I’m sure that some of you were on stage or back of house or in the audience!

LSC&PH Out and About

We know that Melbourne members are very much looking forward to the removal of the 15km and five reasons to leave home restrictions tonight. To celebrate another step towards normality,  we’re inviting members to email info@lordsomerscamp.org,au any photos you can take of LSC&PH or Slush emblems or colours popping up across Greater Melbourne from your excursions, picnics, dining or entertainment experiences over the coming week or two. It may be a piece of LSC&PH or Slush or Grouper clothing or perhaps an item of merchandise like a coffee cup, car sticker, tie or the like taken with you beyond the 15km limits of your home. A special bonus for anyone who can get a pic of our emblem at the Play On Victoria Concert at the Sydney Myer Music Bowl on 30 October.  To kick things off and remind us of the hopes for possible adventures even further afield in the year ahead, the famous photo below shows the Slushie Flag on display with a group of Slushies at the Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt in 2001. How many Slushies can you name? Were you one of them?

Until next week,