Update from our President & Camp Chief – Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Update from our President & Camp Chief

Calendar 2022

The LSC&PH Calendar is currently being drafted and program leaders are engaging in conversations about dates and commencing planning for the safety and enjoyment of all 2022 activities. There will be some aspects of the online connectivity of the past 18 months that may be of benefit to continue into the future so those options will also be considered. The proposed calendar will be circulated in the coming fortnight and planning is also underway for a December edition of the Journal. As per recent discussions at the AGM, PandA Committee and amongst various groups of members, there is considerable creative thought going into conversations about new and varied opportunities to start reconnecting in person as vaccination rates rise and restrictions continue to ease regarding public gatherings. So stay tuned for further opportunities to join these conversations and for the publication of date claimers and details about in person fellowship and reconnection events early in the new year.

Annual General Meeting

I take this opportunity to thank all involved in contributions to the 2021 Annual Report and the Annual General Meeting. It was great to see so many connecting on the night and as was the case last year, concerns of years gone by regarding about achieving a quorum were pleasingly sidelined as we nearly tripled the constitutional requirement for 30 members to meet the required threshold. We congratulate Steph Ingram on her appointment to the Board and to Stuart Douglas for his reappointment. We extend out deep appreciation to Ross Boyce for contributing over 10 years of unfailing commitment to the Board and Finance Committee. Our three Camp Chief Awardees, James Kilevics, Matty Parker and Liz Burman were all humble but deserving and popular choices so “Bravo!” to all three of you for your inspiration and lived example of “Prodesse Quam Conspici”.

Near and Far Horizons

It is somewhat challenging to write about the hope filled LSC&PH planning for 2022 on a day when COVID case numbers are higher than they have ever been in Victoria and we learnt of another 11 families who have lost a loved one to COVID-19. It certainly keeps our smaller daily disappointments or fatigue in perspective. We keep in our thoughts and / or prayers all of those who are adversely affected or caring for others. At the AGM on Monday night I encouraged us to look to 2022 with hope that there are signs that storm clouds may be gradually passing. In my introduction to the Annual Report I reflected on the courage, innovation, care and hope that has been evident across so many aspects of our Somers family. Those same values and attributes will steer us through the coming months as we look to engage in person again in service and fellowship.

Until next week,