Update from our President & Camp Chief – Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Update from our President & Camp Chief

2022 LSC&PH Calendar

Given the recent release of the COVID modelling, estimates and vaccination thresholds in the Victorian Roadmap, more is now known about how the months ahead in Victoria may unfold. As such, the LSC&PH Board will meet next week to make important decisions about proposed timelines for moving from our current ‘wait and watch’ setting towards the safe restart to camps at Somers.  The Board conversation will be informed by the recent feedback received from staff and program leaders along with the advice from members of the PandA, Risk and COVID Safety Teams. We are mindful of the need for clarity for members and staff regarding diary commitments and the like so communication of decisions made at the Board Meeting will follow next week. In the meantime, we are welcoming the news of the arrival of the Moderna vaccine and the gradual increase in access to COVID vaccines for the age groups that form a significant part of our target participants and our members. The higher the vaccination rates, the closer we will move towards the safe gatherings and collective LSC&PH community service endeavours that we are all craving.

2021 AGM

All members will now have received notice of the 2021 Annual General meeting on Monday 11 October at 7.30pm. We will obviously be online again but all members are encouraged to register via Cvent so they can receive the link to join the Zoom AGM meeting. There are many updates to give from each of the Board Committees and from Tim and myself. Although our regular camps and programs haven’t been running, this week is a good example of the activity still continuing with with meetings of the Big Camps Executive Teams, Finance Committee, the Albert Park Advisory Group (APAG), the COVID Safe Project Team and the President and Camp Chief Nominations Committee.  LSC&PH is well and truly moving towards platinum Zoom user status!

Members Making a Difference

Although the mainstream media does not always put good news on the front page, Steph Craze (Red 1986) recently drew our attention to a heartening local success story.

In an international first, an endangered species that was extinct in the wild has been successfully reintroduced and had its conservation status changed.  Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio announced that Victoria’s eastern barred bandicoot population has been successfully pulled back from the brink of extinction. After a 30 year captive breeding program by Zoos Victoria, threatened species status has been downgraded to endangered. In a double dose of good news, it just so happens that one of our most well-known Somers families – the Johnstones (Peter, Judy, Charles, Heather and Soozey) contributed to the success story through their family business.  The expertise and local manufacturing capacity of their Wiretainers business assisted with the provision of traps for both the removal of feral predators and for the monitoring of the threatened bandicoots.  That achievement was not the first time that Wiretainers has played an important role in preserving Australian fauna. Some members may have seen their traps featured on The Living Room on Channel 10 with Dr Chris Brown explaining the quoll monitoring project in which the traps were used. Bravo Johnstones!

Go Dees! (Ted made me write that!)