Update from our President & Camp Chief - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Update from our President & Camp Chief

LSC&PH COVID Setting: Wait And Watch

The LSC&PH COVID Safety Team met online again last night as it has been doing every Wednesday for several weeks now and it was determined that the current “Wait and Watch” setting would be maintained for another week.  This means that no new communications about any programs are generated and the status quo is maintained while we continue to monitor the progress of public health restrictions. I am sure that our regional members are particularly relieved to have some easing of restrictions and our Greater Melbourne members are no doubt watching the pace and manner with which restrictions are being eased in regional Victoria to possibly give us some hopeful insights.

Member Expertise

On behalf of all members I would like to extend appreciation to those who have been called upon for the better part of 18 months now to assist the Board with the intensely difficult decisions that we have had to grapple with through many hours of regular meetings. LSC&PH has a proud history of members with medical, legal, education and community health expertise and we have again drawn deeply on their wisdom throughout the pandemic. This week that expertise has again enlightened and informed thorough discussions at the PandA Committee meeting on Tuesday night and with both Big Camp Leaders and the Slush Queen and King joining the COVID Safe Team meeting last night for an extended conversation about the months ahead. In such busy times, when many of those we have called upon for advice are already grappling with extraordinary home schooling, work and family pressures, the generosity they have extended in their time and expertise to collaborate on the big issues at hand has been invaluable.   

R U OK? Day

Thank you to our Office Team and their helpers for the spirit lifting R U OK? Day Care Package that we all received in our email inboxes last night. It was a very thoughtful gesture. I hope we have a few LSC&PH member teams dragging out their favourite costumes and helping out Little Dreamers by registering for their upcoming trivia night. Check the Care Package email for details. I was also buoyed to receive a couple of calls from fellow LSC&PH members today just connecting and checking in on me as we are all encouraged to do on this day (and any day). Many laughs and a few favourite Somers stories later and I was soon flicking through photos trying to find evidence of the classy team uniforms worn by the Slush who gave their all in the pursuit of glory in the Moomba Dragon Boat Crew of 1987 and the Murray River Marathon TK2 Crew of 2000!! Thank you to all members who took the time to check in with others today and throughout these trying times. That is our shared Somers Spirit applied exactly when and how it is needed.

Elite Slushee Athletes – 2000 Murray River Marathon Touring Kayak Crew!

Until next week,