Update from our President & Camp Chief – Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Update from our President & Camp Chief

Wait and Watch

This week’s developments in the Victorian COVID situation, extension of restrictions and associated implications for the broader community in the coming months has given us all cause for a reflective pause. The Board and COVID Safe Project Control Team have decided that in response to the changing developments in public health and industry information and advice, a “Wait and Watch” period is prudent. As such we are pausing any new communications about any LSC&PH programs proposed for the coming months.  Each Wednesday we will review the evolving public health information at hand as more becomes known about the trajectory of the vaccination and community COVID infections. We will continue to liaise with program leaders and to update members through No Rest News of further developments and decisions. Safety continues to be our highest priority.

In the meantime, today’s announcement from the Victorian Chief Health Officer that those who are vaccinated with Astra Zeneca will now only need to wait six weeks for their second shot, instead of 12 weeks will be welcome news to some members who have been waiting. The more people who choose to get vaccinated, the greater the protection for those vaccinated and the whole community.

R U OK? Day

‘fellowship’ (noun): ‘friendly association, especially with people who share one’s interests.”

This word is core to our Somers family and extends to laughing together in the fun times and caring for each other in the tougher times.  Next Thursday 9 September is R U OK Day and members are encouraged to consider ways of connecting online or by phone on that day (or any day!). This year’s message is Are they really OK?’. Your conversation could change a life. More information and resources can be found at this link:  R U OK Day.

No Silver Bullet

As we well know, the current pandemic challenges cannot be solved with a single solution. I am sharing an illustration that I found helpful in understanding the layers of response that will bring us ever closer to our collective success in meeting the COVID challenge. I hope some may also find it interesting.

Take care of yourselves and each other,