Update from our President & Camp Chief - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Update from our President & Camp Chief

Polly Ate The Cracker 

Well over a hundred members have enjoyed viewing the Panto pandemonium on the high seas! Spoiler alert but Polly just might finally get the cracker and the pirates may well enjoy a good sword fight to the famous Rocky theme, Eye of the Tiger. 

A huge shout out to Emma, Maree, Vikki, Andrea, Kelly, Anita and Jono, along with all cast and crew for their amazing creativity, adaptability, improvisation, and teamwork.


Consultation Volunteers  

When developing plans, policies or procedures, the various LSC&PH leaders and staff members often seek insights and feedback from a cross section of our membership. At times there is a general call out to all members for contributions and feedback and at other times smaller groups of diverse members may be convened. The tasks vary and may involve looking at draft documentation or contributing to small focus groups on policies and procedures and the like. If you would like to help out our staff and leaders by being “on call” for these occasional opportunities, to contribute to focus groups or writing teams, please email info@lordsomerscamp.org.au with ‘Focus Group Volunteer’ in the subject. The broader the cross section of our membership who respond to this call, the better. 

Barefoot Bowls

For those keen to reconnect in some outdoor fun and fellowship, James Kilevics, Cath Challinger and Jarus Blik-Rang have been working on organising just such an elite sporting event opportunity! With thanks to the generous hospitality of resident champion bowler, Sam Dakin, an afternoon of fierce bowls competition will occur on Sunday January 30, 2022 at the Fitzroy Victoria Bowling and Sports Club. So dust off your prized sets of lawn bowls and keep an eye out for further details. 

Until next week,