Update from our President & Camp Chief – Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Update from our President & Camp Chief

Nominate a Grouper

Plans for the two April 2022 Big Camps are ramping up with the current aim of 80 groupers at each camp and a continuing watchful hope for the possibility of more groupers depending on the COVID situation early in the new year. John, Georgie, Wok and Cath are working hard with their executive leadership teams and the office staff to plan for the altered timeline and programs. Big Camp Staff and Slush applications will go live later in the year. Grouper nominations are gradually converting to applications and it would be great if you could assist the staff and leaders by nominating or sponsoring a grouper or by encouraging a grouper nominee to complete the application process. April feels a long way off but by the time schools return at the start of February, the two Big Camps will be just around the corner.

Lest We Forget

As mentioned in last week’s No Rest News, Remembrance Day has held and will continue to hold an important place in the hearts and minds of LSC&PH members. Some members have seen the tribute to Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott (Green 1935) on our LSC&PH Facebook page today. Thoughts and memories of the haunting sound of the last post bugle call floating on the breeze across the lawn at dusk at Somers or through the dark in the Bush Chapel or as the lights are dimmed in the Dorothy McAdam Room on the ANZAC Eve ceremony brings a sense of acknowledgment of past losses and sacrifices and a renewed commitment to work for peace, respect and understanding. I took a moment today to watch the video of the Last Post bugle call playing at Somers with flags at half-mast as was posted on our Facebook page on ANZAC Day. It was a fitting moment of reflection given the pandemic challenges of the past two years in comparison with the hardships of those whose lives have been and are directly touched by war. Lest we forget.

David Attenborough and Somers Beach

If, working apart, we are a force powerful enough to destabilise our planet, surely working together we are powerful enough to save it. In my lifetime, I’ve witnessed a terrible decline. In yours you could and should witness a wonderful recovery.” – David Attenborough COP 26

Tomorrow the 26th annual Conference of the Parties (COP) will close in Glasgow after a fortnight of debate and discussion about the state of our fragile planet. With no intention of further adding to the many and varied perspectives and narratives surrounding the Glasgow proceedings, I would just like to share a local good news story and open an invitation to members to be part of helping to steward the next LSC&PH environmental good news stories.

Back in March of this year our LSC&PH website carried news of rare avian visitors to our stretch of the Somers beach. (No they were not nocturnal Slush dressed in penguin onesies!) A pair of nesting Hooded Plovers which are a threatened species had arrived and nested in the dunes across the bridge from camp. When I was walking along the Somers beach a few weekends ago, the signs and associated rope barriers were again up on the beach dunes to protect the nesting areas of some Red-Capped Plovers. Those of us who have been around Somers for a few decades, recall and appreciate the various environmental interventions that have been undertaken to preserve the dune habitat between the beach and the creek. The ecosystems within those dunes depended on those conservation interventions.

Our LSC&PH Environment and Sustainability Committee has done great work over many years including the development of environmental sustainability principles to inform our master planning. The various committee members have worked to support and lead staff, members and external collaborators on a wide range of Somers and Albert Park initiatives. This leadership and service has included priority initiatives such as waste minimisation, habitat and biodiversity conservation, beach and waterways preservation, renewable energy, camp role development and member education. The committee is currently in hiatus but it falls within the current strategic priorities of the Board and it would be great to hear from members interested in picking up this steering committee. Each of us can lead and contribute to the next sustainability good news stories of LSC&PH. If you are interested please email me at lscphpresident@gmail.com or the office info@lordsomerscamp.org.au. We look forward to hearing from you.

Until next week,