Somers Timber Bridge Project - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Somers Timber Bridge Project

Timber bridge at Somers

In 2021, an engineer’s report concluded that our current timber bridge, which provides camp visitors and the general public with access to the beach, was in dire need of maintenance and eventual replacement. The maintenance work carried out included – under deck bracing, fastenings replaced where possible, signage displayed for safe use, and constant visual inspections. 

Design concepts have been submitted, instalment logistics have been considered, and stakeholders contacted. 

Efforts to secure funding are ongoing but we have unfortunately reached a standstill and can no longer progress the project until we have the financial commitment of sympathetic grant providers. 

It’s difficult to imagine what our programs might look like without access to our beautiful Somers shore. 

We have followed many leads unsuccessfully and now turn to you, our members, for your help in bringing forward personal or professional contacts to help us build our next bridge. 

We will need at least $600K to reimagine an accessible bridge built to withstand the next few decades of camp goers. 

If you think you have a funding lead opportunity for us to explore, we’d love to hear from you! 

Please contact Alex via email and we’ll get to work to make this a reality.