This Is Somers is a fundraising initiative to raise money in support of our organisation and the community-based, member-led, not-for-profit programs which we run. Remember Sharing the Spirit from 2013? Well this is Sharing the Spirit Mark II, This Is Somers. Just as importantly, This Is Somers is an opportunity for you to share your passion for our programs and activities with your family, friends and colleagues.

Why should you get involved?

If you are passionate about what LSC&PH does for you and the impact it has had on your life… If you are passionate about the programs and activities we run… If you are passionate about the positive influence we have on so many individuals and organisations through our community partnerships… If you want to share that passion and know you have contributed to something that will make a difference… And ensure that we can continue to offer our programs and activities… Then you should participate in This Is Somers.

This Is Somers fundraising will help to support and further improve our programs and activities and facilities specifically targeting improvements at our Somers campsite.

How does it work?

You can participate in This Is Somers in three different ways:

  1. General fundraising. Use the generic This Is Somers page on Everyday Hero to ask your family, friends and colleagues, simply your non-Somers networks, to donate to LSC&PH.
  2. A LSC&PH challenge. Set up a challenge fundraising page through Everyday Hero, promote it to your non-Somers networks and raise funds. What challenge are you undertaking? Just your regular ongoing involvement in LSC&PH eg going to Big Camp, Community Camps, running a program, acting in a play etc.
  3. A personal challenge. Set up a challenge fundraising page through Everyday Hero, promote it to your non-Somers networks and raise funds. What challenge are you undertaking? Are you doing the Melbourne Marathon, Round the Bay or want to undertake some other personal challenge, activity or event? This could be a fitness challenge, a community service activity, something wacky or fun, or fulfilling a longed for personal goal.

The aim is for individuals to raise funds for the organisation from their personal networks whilst sharing information about our programs and activities. We have no set target for individual Members, as every dollar makes a difference. We know that many of our younger Members have young networks, often without significant discretionary funds available. But we all have some people in our network that we can ask for donations. Remember all those chocolate drives at school? Every donation, even if it is only $5, helps. You never know how much you might raise. We all have a fantastic story to tell about our involvement with LSC&PH and you will be surprised how supportive people are of your voluntary work.

If you would prefer to work with others in the organisation on a team challenge, fantastic! But consider undertaking your fundraising individually so that we reach as much of the broader community as possible.


What you do is up to you. If you are undertaking a personal challenge, it’s up to your creativity. All we ask is that you ensure that your challenge/activity/event is safe, legal and reflects the values of LSC&PH (Fun, Friendship, Belonging, Care & Acceptance)

How will we support you in raising funds?

LSC&PH will provide you with the following items which you can share via email, from your Everyday Hero fundraising page or via social media:

  • Animation spearheading the overall This Is Somers campaign - coming soon
  • Instructions on setting up your Everyday Hero page.
  • Social media posts including Flipagrams that you can share via social media – these will be released and available at the Lord Somers Camp and Power House facebook page over the coming weeks.
  • Progress updates throughout the promotion period.
  • Templates for email communication with your family, friends and colleagues telling them what you are doing, why you are doing it and how they can support you.

What could be better than that!

Where to now?

  1. Choose a fundraising option.
  2. If you are undertaking a LSC&PH or personal challenge sign up at Everyday Hero and set up your challenge page. Select ‘Lord Somers Camp and Power House’ as the organisation you are raising money for.
  3. Share your challenge page or the generic This Is Somers page with your non-Somers friends, family and colleagues.
  4. Share our promotional collateral via social media, email etc to keep our fundraising top of mind for your network. And don’t forget to post your own updates to your network too.
  5. Start raising money!

This Is Somers is not…

…about asking Members for money. It is about the Members showing and sharing their passion for LSC&PH.

…an initiative for just the older Members to sit back and support the younger Members, or vice versa.

…an initiative just for the older Members who may have greater financial means.

…an onerous task. You can put in as much or as little effort as you want. Participation can be as small as sending an email to your non-Somers network.

…meant to stress you out choosing and undertaking a challenge. Sharing the general This Is Somers fundraising site is just as worthy a contribution as undertaking a specific challenge.

This is an initiative for us all, and a way in which we can all make a small contribution to our organisation.

Are there any other benefits of This Is Somers?

This Is Somers is not just about fundraising. It is genuinely about informing people, beyond our membership, about what we do at LSC&PH. We are very good at talking to each other about our wonderful organisation. We all know that we do great things that positively impact the lives of many. We all know that we make a difference to the lives of those that participate in our community camps. Do your family, friends and work mates all understand what you do within LSC&PH?

When you endeavour to raise money for LSC&PH you will communicate with your network of friends and they will learn a bit more about LSC&PH.

This Is Somers furthers the reach of LSC&PH into our community and at the same time it provides your friends and family the opportunity to support you by donating to the organisation you support so passionately.

Can this really work?


In 2013 a variety of Somers people undertook personal fundraising for the Sharing the Spirit campaign and raised significant funds which was used to support the implementation our camps and programs and upgrade our facilities at Albert Park and Somers.

It really does work. It can be a lot of fun. It is surprising how supportive people are of the fantastic work we do as Members of LSC&PH. And this year we’ve made it simpler and easier to reach out to your networks in whatever way works for you.

What’s the catch?

No catch. Just give it a go. Surprise yourself. Share information about LSC&PH. Help us raise funds to support infrastructure improvements at Somers.

For further information please email, or call:

Kristen Hammond           0413 308 339
Aaron Hammond             0419 881 782