The South Field Beautification Project – Lord Somers Camp and Power House


The South Field Beautification Project

Closed gates on the corner of Parklands Ave and Lord Somers Road are a sad sight indeed.

But while these necessary measures have been made for the safety of our community, a select few from our Lord Somers Camp team have been making regular visits to ‘beautify’ our campsite.

South Field in particular has untaken a rigorous spruce-up. It has done away with suffocating weeds and breathed a sigh of relief for new growth and prosperity! Wildlife has returned in vast numbers, birds of all colours fill the trees, and undergrowth has seen the light of day for the first time in centuries.

The Centre Lawn is flourishing, it almost looks artificial, and Merricks creek is flowing with the tide, bringing new life which each surging wave. As this pandemic does it’s best to taint our high spirits, you can rest easy knowing that it most certainly has not tainted our beautiful camp!

The results of the South Field Beautification Project.

Lord Somers Camp Manager, Alex Escudero, on site with the team.