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The Power House Youth Foundation

At a recent Oldies Camp there was a lovely scene of Connor undertaking lawn bowls with his bowls partner Brian. They couldn’t have been any further away in age with Connor at one end of the spectrum and Brian at the other but they were having a great time together.

That night at dinner we reflected on how powerful this one aspect of our organization is amongst so many aspects of its operation. We talked about the importance of sustaining the organisation so that when Connor is Brian’s age he can continue to share in the experience of Camp. I am confident there were similar examples the weekend prior at Goldies Camp.

One way we can ensure the longevity of our organization is by having a strong foundation underpinning it. The Power House Youth Leadership Foundation a strong fund under management and makes a contribution back to Lord Somers Camp each year which enable people to enjoy our programs who might otherwise miss out.

The Directors of the Foundation are keen to continue growing the corpus of funds under management and, as a result, sustain our organization well into the future. We encourage members to give consideration to making a donation, regardless of how small, when the annual Tax Appeal is undertaken in June. The Directors thank you for your consideration. ‘From little things big things grow”!

Mal Cater

Director – PHYLF