The Journal - an updated version - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


The Journal – an updated version

Today we are letting you know about a change we’re making to bring you more information about happenings across LSC&PH. 

Starting today, we‘ll be bringing you in-depth articles — traditionally found in The Journal — via the No Rest News

For the past few months we have been reviewing The Journal and how we can best get these articles to our members. We know that the way people consume information has changed with print news no longer a primary communication channel for many organisations. There are also financial and environmental considerations. As a result of this review we have determined that it is no longer viable to publish The Journal in print format. Instead, we’re going to do the following:

  • Program and Activity leaders will write articles which will be included in No Rest News as they become available. These will be included in a new section at the top of the No Rest News newsletter and you can click through to articles and videos. 
  • For those members who do not have email, the office will print out the Program and Activity Leader articles that appear in the No Rest News each quarter and distribute these by post. 
  • We will create a print photo book for Big Camp Groupers to ensure they have a tangible record of their Grouper experience and information about opportunities to get involved in our Programs and Activities. 

We hope this change makes it easier for everyone to stay connected and keep up to date with news about LSC&PH Programs and Activities. 

– Communications Committee