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The Big Camp Summit – We need your input! 

Lord Somers Camp and Power House is fast approaching its centenary as an organisation. In 2024, we celebrated the 100th Lord Somers Camp and our 40th Lady Somers Camp is in a few years. Our longevity is a testament to the strength of our programs, and an indicator that the need for our organisation and our mission – “through the values of fun, friendship, care, belonging and acceptance, we aim towards creating a stronger, more inclusive society through service to others” – is great. In fact, our Big Camp programs operate in a world that is: troubled by rising youth mental health issues; bouncing back from COVID-19 and the trauma and challenges of those years; regularly dealing with climate change and the need to focus on sustainable development; managing increasing inequity, division and lack of understanding across generations; dealing with the fallout from global conflicts and the movement of people whether refugees or migrants; and increasingly, lacking tolerance.  

Despite the increasing need for the value our Big Camp programs provide, for the past two years, Lord Somers Camp has failed to recruit 100 Groupers, and Lady Somers Camp also had less than 100 Groupers at BC2024. This is down from highs of approximately 130 applications for Lord Somers Camp and approximately 180 for Lady Somers Camp a decade ago. As our flagship programs, these camps are the key avenue for LSC&PH to increase member numbers – members being the cornerstone of our successful programs and activities and the lifeblood of our organisation.  

Together, the Big Camp teams and organisation leaders have identified several areas of difficulty with recruitment of Groupers: 

  • Effectively communicating our value proposition to potential nominators and Groupers given our ‘secrecy’ 
  • Recruitment strategies and Friction with grouper application journey 

In addition to the challenge of Grouper recruitment, the changing societal and legislative environment that our Big Camp programs operate in, have also given rise to some other challenges: 

  • Operationalising policies, procedures, and practices to embed the Child Safe Standards in our unique flagship programs. 
  • Offering gendered programs in a community more accepting of gender diversity.  

To address these challenges, we are undertaking a Big Camp Summit on the weekend of 17-18th August. The Summit will bring together leaders and members from across our organisation to engage in strategic discussions to put us on a path to step forward with confidence into our next 100 years/100 camps/40 camps. 

If you are interested in participating in the Summit, please complete the Expression of Interest form outlining your relevant camp experience and, if applicable, professional experience. Expressions of interest close on Wednesday 17th July and applicants will be advised of their acceptance the week commencing Monday 22nd July, 2024. Please note successful applicants will need to attend the Summit full time to enable effective discussions.  

Participants at the Summit will be limited to enable successful discussions. But we welcome input and ideas from all members. The ‘We value your input’ form provides an opportunity for you to provide any feedback or insights about the key challenges we are facing, as well as any other ideas you have about Big Camp. This form will be available through to Wednesday 31st July 2024. Please feel free to reach out to the Big Camp Executive teams, Slush HATs, Board members and Office Team if you would prefer to discuss any feedback or insights you would like to share with the Summit.  

If you have any feedback or queries about the Summit, please shoot through an email via

Note: There is no charge to attend this event.