The Art of Power House 2020 – Lord Somers Camp and Power House


The Art of Power House 2020

This exhibition of LSC&PH artwork showcased the artistic pursuits of members who vitalise our organisation with their creative ideas. While the physical exhibition is under postponement, we instead celebrated online. Scroll through the images below and hear from our organisation’s talented creatives!


Derek Skues

From India to Japan, and the highlands to the low. Derek is a Power House artist whose travels have graced him with a wide breadth of style and perspectives.




Danj Beadman

An icon of our organisation – and the famous Somers Bridge! Danj Beadman’s rendering of the Somers Bridge from a time gone by is a fitting tribute to an important LSC&PH location.




Greg Cater

Some of the timeless LSC&PH photos have been captured by the deft hand of Greg Cater, whose own works traverse how light interacts with the urban and natural world.




Greg Ure

Greg’s studio is a rich tapestry of colour, with his works evoking the spirit of the bush and the sea littering the walls. Get a glimpse at a part of the process he goes through to create such stunning printed works!




Sarah Hemmings

In Sarah’s installment, see birds of brilliant colours and how Sarah’s sketches are finely sliced to create intricate printing patterns. Sarah’s sharp eye catches the many beauties of the world around her in Echuca.


Andre Sardone

Andre has been bending and shaping steel for years, in his trade and art. His latest evolutions take on remarkable personalities, both human and beyond.



Jono Cowan

Jono is an accomplished cinematographer, whose sets and films often feature fellow Power House members. Top Dogs, packed with our local stars, takes a look at the darker side of authority, set in the marvelous time of Christmas.

The Tog Dogs director’s commentary includes some strong language, adult themes and stylised violence – and is recommended for ages 16 and over.