Thank you to our School Camp collaborators for Term 1 - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Thank you to our School Camp collaborators for Term 1

Another fantastic Term 1 for our social enterprise Lord Somers Camp has just wrapped up. Each year brings a busy Term 1 with a full calendar. This summer saw 2,277 people welcomed through our gates from 13 school groups, some of which have called Lord Somers Camp home for years and years. We currently have 30 LSC staff working during our peak season each day dedicated to looking after our clients. Our Somers based office team, grounds maintenance team, kitchen crew and activity staff have worked tirelessly and loved every minute bringing our fabulous program to many smiling faces each week. Our kitchen staff have been cooking up a storm serving a whopping total of 15,609 meals this term with ease. To reduce wastage, we have partnered with Westernport Community Support and in term 1 we have donated 300 meals and 22 loaves of bread to people in the local community. We also have partnered with Mornington Peninsula Zero Waste and our organic food waste is no longer going to landfill but instead is being composted locally. Our Roadie excursions have also continued throughout the term with 3 programs seeing 490 students get active at school. During this very busy time of year, we also saw 6 fabulous association camps have their weekend programs with members and volunteers enjoying their time at camp. The facilities for months on end are being occupied every single day of the week and we expect an equally busy Term 2. Making sure we care for this camps fragility with age and promote its longevity for many years to come is more important now than ever. Together we can ensure all the thousands of participants who walk through our gates each year can continue to experience the magic of Lord Somers Camp.


-Somers Camp Team!