Sustainability at Somers- May 2024 updates - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Sustainability at Somers- May 2024 updates

300 delicious meals have been prepared, cooked and donated by our amazing kitchen staff at Lord Somers camp to Westernport Community Support. Our chef Zac, catering coordinator Helen and kitchen team Tavian and Aly have been preparing and delivering these meals consistently over the last year. Generous donations from our food and packaging suppliers make this possible as well as the effort of our Somers team. Donating these meals reduces our food wastage and helps those in need in the community, which we look forward to continuing with many more meals to come.

An exciting news story has come out of a donation our camp activity staff member Steph made to a fabulous business based on Wurundjeri land called Schusser Threads. 15 of our old tents that were destined for landfill were donated to Abi who is behind the one-woman business who then made the old tents into beautiful bags.

The materials for these bags were used to provide camping to schools for 10+ years, giving our well-used gear a chance at a second life. Abi crafts everything with the utmost dedication to sustainability and ethical sourcing, right down to the type of thread she uses. Each bag is slightly unique, and features different parts of the tents, whether it’s the mesh inner, the instructional diagrams of setting up the tent, or the old hire badges from the previous company. Check out her website below if you would like to make a meaningful purchase-