Slushees - May Journal - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Slushees – May Journal

“They shall not rest” seems very fitting for the Slush, given how busy things have been lately. From the Bunnings fundraiser run by Meg and Mike Officer to the Slushee Pitch Night sparking ideas for BC25 themes, there’s been a whirlwind of activity. We’re eagerly anticipating some good food, fun, and fellowship at the upcoming Slushee Fun Day/Night (details below), followed by our Information Night on 28 May for those interested in joining or returning to Slush (via Zoom, details below).

We’ve also been hard at work making leadership appointments, so please join me in congratulating our BC25 hierarchy:


Kelly Clarke (Treble)

Jessie Lugg (Skipper)

Laura Gorman (Rage)

Cindy Zhou (Climate)

Ash Farrugia (Brazil)

Julia Psyhogios (Freud)


Meg Witherow (Hunter)

Tegan McKenzie (Tiggs)

Olivia Psyhogios (Doctor)

Hannah Mallet (Chisel)

Toria Svenson (Tangle)

Julia Fray (Bates)

A big thank you and congratulations to our Community Camp A Slush co-hods, and best of luck to all those attending the upcoming Atlas camp:

VSK – Jess Napier (Magician)

Mirabel – Mardi Goldsworthy (Tapas)

Diversity – Toria Svendsen (Tangle)

Atlas – Jessie Lugg (Skipper)

And we send our best wishes to our community camp B Slush co-hod’s as they begin their preparations for camp:

VSK – Olivia Psyhogios (Doctor)

Mirabel – Kirsty Townsend (Bosley)

Diversity – Meg Mooney (Howl)

Atlas – KJ Gerraty (Oolong)

Looking ahead, the Hats are gearing up to open our applications on 1 June, we’re organising our hierarchy planning weekend in July, and we’re starting to make calls to lock in some of our BC25 special roles. It’s full steam ahead!

Slushee Fun Day

Join your fellow Slushees for good food, good fun and good fellowship Tickets now available! Click here to attend Slushee Fun Day.

Bowling, escape room, dinner or a combination of all these.


Slushee Information Evening

Interested in joining Slush for BC25 or been out of the blacks for awhile and thinking about coming to play in the Slush Hut at Big Camp?

Join the Hats (Queen, Duchess and Coordinator) for an information evening via zoom on everything you’ll need to know to make your mind up about whether to apply. To attend, please email the Slushee Coordinator for the top secret link: