Slush and Big Camp Leader Weekends  - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Slush and Big Camp Leader Weekends 

Last weekend we saw thew Boys Big Camp Heads of Department and Slushies head down to camp for some planning and training ahead of Lord Somers Camp in April. They welcomed new up and coming faces to their teams as well as enjoying the opportunity to engage in good food, good fun and good fellowship. Thanks to John, Wok, Miles and their teams for their efforts in organising the weekend. 

This coming weekend further empowered teams will be running their camp planning for Lady Somers Camp! It’s an exciting time, as the hardworking crew are preparing for the much anticipated and long-awaited return to Big Camp. Looks like Georgie and Cath and their teams will have the chance to practice some wet mess rehearsals on Saturday if the forecasts of rain come true!