Save Power House - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Save Power House

The community needs Power House more than ever before right now.

It is a social ecosystem that inspires community, delivering positive health and wellbeing programs to many marginalised community groups, and has done for over 90 years.

In the last decade alone, Power House has supported the delivery of 1.3 million voluntary hours and generated over $3 million in social enterprise revenue.

Our power is growing, but the building is dying. We need you to stand up for everything Power House represents and join our call to build community back better.

We desperately need to restore this vital piece of community infrastructure and unlock its social impact potential, currently capped only by its failing infrastructure.

A full refurbishment of Power House will secure our community’s long term financial future so we can continue to power the community for another 90 years.

Power House is a thriving social ecosystem, perpetuating community good, but won’t be for much longer without your help.

All we ask for is your name.

Show your support by clicking the link to stand alongside us, and your community, by adding it to the growing list of Power House supporters asking that we build community back better.