Running Out of Options - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Running Out of Options

Contractors have exhausted options to continually repair the leaks from above at Power House. They say they can no longer guarantee the aging roof wont be damaged further by them carrying works on top of the 65 year old roof.

The team at Power House continue to be resourceful with latest works being planned from inside to repair new leaks to ensure the show can go on, however this show is in the balance and needs an solution urgently.

Tim Ryan, CEO of Power House said “We’ve ensured safety is priority of staff and guest by carrying out regular maintenance whilst also working proactively with Parks Victoria on building reviews & audits, however we now need to be proactive to ensure the long term health and safety of those who utilise this state owned facility”.

Seeing contractors work through these solutions whilst impressive is equally embarrassing for an iconic venue on Albert Park lake, that sees tens of thousand visitors engage every year, since 1932.

Power House has a plan to complete a major refurbishment and proactively tackle this problem to prevent further concern. Impressively the group have raised nearing 50% of the $19.6m refurbishment that will not only replace the roof however also add accessibility, change room modernisation, improve energy efficiency and improve social enterprise revenue.

The impact of Power House is far spreading through the sporting, theatre & creative arts, hospitality training and community programs that bring about breaking down barriers between diverse communities to allow for a stronger, more inclusive world.

The group is continuing to collaborate with Parks Victoria and the State Government to confirm plans and funding to ensure the current funds raised can be positively leveraged to deliver a great outcome for thousands of Victorians.