PTG presents Hansel & Gretel: A postmodern pantomime - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


PTG presents Hansel & Gretel: A postmodern pantomime

The PTG crew is proud to bring our organisation’s much loved panto back to the stage with the production of Hansel & Gretel: A postmodern pantomime. In true Somers style, there will be singing, dancing, and laughter for theatre and comedy lovers of all ages. Watch the completely untraditional re-telling of the story of the production of Hansel and Gretel, packed with romance, drama, and comedy. Watch as the actors contend with first night nerves, the battle to be the center of attention, and the debate for what is truly a fairy tale ending. 

The performances will be on the following dates:

Thursday, Nov 10th 8:00 PM

Friday, Nov 11th 8:00 PM

Saturday, Nov 12th 11:00 PM

Saturday, Nov 12th 3:00 PM

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