Power2Lead is a powerful personal development program for over 35s


P2L is not just another ‘leadership’ program. It’s a rare opportunity to get some incredible personal development at a fraction of the commercial cost.


In the craziness of work, life, family, parenting, caring, career… have you forgotten about YOU and what you want?


·      Do you want to understand yourself better and the perceptions others have about you?

·      Are you thinking about making changes in your life, but don’t know how?

·      Would you benefit from some positive time out… just for you?

·      Would you like to feel even more satisfied and empowered?

·      Are you wondering what your next step is and how to be the best ‘you’ for the next phase of your life?

·      Power2Lead will help you to find out.

Who should do P2L?

Importantly, you don’t have to be or aspire to be a leader to get a lot from this program. You could be employed from CEO to trainee, un or under-employed, a family manager, recently returned to work or a volunteer.


Power2Lead was established in 2006, with the aim of providing a specialised program for members aged 35+ to reach their potential. Hundreds of graduates later, the program is still just as effective as ever – and in some cases, life changing.



Generally, by the time you reach your mid-30-40s you have formed patterns that govern your behaviours, beliefs and results.  We’ve usually found what ‘works’ for us.  Interestingly, what has also happened is this same experience narrows our thinking into certain patterns of behaviour, responses and beliefs.  The ironic contradiction is that, the more life experience we get… the less we can actually see, hear and perceive. 



There is a total annual program cost of $900. This is less than 20% of equivalent programs available commercially.  Many previous participants obtained employer sponsorship, or it can be tax deductible. For those who need it, there are payment options and limited access to financial support upon application.


Program benefits

·      Understand yourself and others better

·      Become more effective at home and work

·      Learn the concept of ‘leadership’ in your life and for others

·      Access a program normally only available to those in large organisations

·      Make positive change in your life

·      A chance to do something just for you.


Open to people aged 35 to 55* (*flexible) who are LSCPH members, their family/friends; and LSCPH partner organisations.



New format for 2017

One weekend at Somers – 5-7 May 2017

Three Sunday workshops at Albert Park (4 hours) - July, September and November


Apply: here


Contact: info@lordsomerscamp.org.au call 9510 7066 or any member of the P2L 2017 Team:


Program Leaders

Matt Barry 0412 136 486 / Meg Taylor 0409 166 811

Program Director (Content)

Simon Osborne 0418 504 772

Cam Lee 0421 383 174
Scott Mayer 0409 236 080
Janine Mayer 0418 584 274
Lou Noble 0414 375 234
Fiona O’Meara 0417 124 973
Kate Reid 0400 057 857