Camps, programs and activities

Lord Somers Camp and Power House is renowned for running camps, programs and activities for people of all ages that create a stronger, more inclusive society. From a group of children attending a camp in 1929, to today, over 1,500 people actively participate in approximately 40 successful camps and programs annually.

Calendar of programs

We develop a comprehensive calendar of activities, which fall under four categories:


Our programs are built on a proven quality framework based on design, implementation and evaluation. The activities are created to serve others, strengthen communities and value people. They also deliver a range of benefits through a practical approach to learning and development.

Benefits of camps, programs and activities

Our programs have many benefits for people from all walks of life, ages and cultures:

  • Promote active and caring citizenship

  • Embrace social inclusion and diversity

  • Grow partnerships

  • Build teamwork

  • Learn resilience through experience and reflection

  • Build identity and character

  • Strengthen protective behaviours

  • Develop leaders

  • Embrace creativity and innovation

Experienced program leaders

People are at the heart of Lord Somers Camp and Power House. Our passionate program leaders and volunteers are recruited and trained to deliver rewarding camps, programs and activities. They also undergo a range of clearances as representatives of our organisation. Many people who complete our programs are mentored to become program leaders, showing the positive impact our activities have on the community.

Fees for attending programs

The fees to attend our Lord Somers and Powerhouse programs range from $40 for the Community Camps to $550 for the larger camps. One of the core values of Lord Somers Camp and Power House is that no one should miss out on attending a program due to financial difficulties. Payment plans and sponsorships are available



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