The program: MAX is a week-long program of personal development for young people. It is a fun and challenging opportunity to broaden horizons and create direction, with 42 other like-minded individuals.

The program supports participants to build self confidence, self respect and self awareness. By exploring a range of relevant themes and concepts, the program provides a unique (and fun) experience challenging young people to articulate their passions and learn practical skills applicable to their lives.

The attendees: MAX is run by a team of young volunteers, each a previous participant of the program.

Participants are current LSC&PH volunteers eager to get more involved in the organisation, who wish to grow as leaders and develop their sense of self.

The program objectives:

At Lord Somers Camp and Power House we take pride in the outcomes of our programs, you can read more about our core indicators and results in our Program Quality Framework.

Participants are able to explore their talents and skills in a supportive environment.
Participants are involved in experiential learning.
Participants build connections to the LSC&PH community.

Getting involved: MAX participant applications are open in the months leading up to camp for LSC&PH volunteers aged 18-mid 20s who have attended at least one program as a staff member.

Contact: e. | p. 03 9510 7066