The Program: Provides practical professional and personal development learning for 25 to 35 year olds. The year-long program includes monthly forums with a keynote speaker. In addition there is a professional mentoring program aimed at supporting young people in the workforce.

Participants: Professionals 25 to 35 years


The Core indicators for the program are;

  • Participants are able to explore their talents and skills in a supportive environment

  • Participants build capacity for reflection

  • Participants feel that partnerships between young and older people within LSC&PH are supported

  • Participants engage in activities that are fun and reinforce learning and social interaction

  • Participants have opportunities to be listen to and to learn to listen to others

  • Participants feel welcome to participate, regardless of culture, skill level, race, gender, sexuality or ability

  • Participants have the opportunity to learn work and career related skills

  • Participants are mentored by peers and adults

  • Participatns have a greater sense of belonging in the program and to LSC&PH

  • The program offer participants from a diverse range of backgrounds with the opportunity to re-engage with LSC&PH

Contact:, (03) 9510 7066