The program: empowerme is a one day interactive workshop for Year 10 students to reflect on their aspirations and help to inspire their futures. The program is all about helping young people evaluate their passions, set goals and learn how they can achieve their full potential.

For over 15 years the program offers students the chance to meet like-minded peers and spend the day envisioning their ideal future. It combines a mix of inspiring speakers, interactive activities and small group facilitation sessions.

The attendees: empowerme is open to year 10 students. Volunteers under the age of 25 add to the biggest strength of the program, that the participants get to see a program run by young people for young people.

The program objectives:

At Lord Somers Camp and Power House we take pride in the outcomes of our programs, you can read more about our core indicators and results in our Program Quality Framework.

Participants are involved in experiential learning.
Participants build capacity for reflection.
Participants are able to explore their talents and skills in a supportive environment.

Getting involved: Registrations are now closed for 2018.


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Contact: e. | p. 03 9510 7066