The program:  Be Deadly at Somers Camp is a weekend opportunity to support the development of confidence and cultural identity in young indigenous people. The weekend aims to increase meaningful community engagement, serve others, facilitate the development of friendships and peer support networks, enhance self-confidence, increase independence and provide respite to people in need.

The attendees: Participants of the Camp include indigenous students from public and private schools across Victoria. Be Deadly members and volunteers of LSC&PH across all age groups are involved in the development and implementation of the program.

 The program objectives:

At Lord Somers Camp and Power House we take pride in the outcomes of our programs, you can read more about our core indicators and results in our Program Quality Framework.

Build the confidence and resilience of young indigenous men and women.

Provide an opportunity for self-reflection and cultural understanding for participants through a variety of activities.

Provide positive two way community engagement opportunities.


Getting involved: Participants and Volunteers are invited to apply for the program once registrations are open.

All volunteers hold a WWCC and are screened prior to attending an LSC&PH program



Participant Coordinator | e. | p. 03 9510 7066

Volunteer Coordinator | e. | p. 03 9510 7066.