Programs & Events Administrator – Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Programs & Events Administrator

Lord Somers Camp & Power House (LSC&PH) is a youth leadership and development organisation. We are seeking to improve and expand our programs and activities.

We are diverse volunteer-led community organisation with a focus on young people, leadership and active participation. We partner with others to develop and deliver challenging, experienced based programmes which engage with people of all ages.

We run a range of programs and activities, the majority of which take place at our camp site at Somers on Western Port Bay. 

The development of programs and activities comes from our large volunteer base with either a professional interest in, previous experience in, or a strong passion for the offering. Our values of fun, friendship, belonging, care and acceptance inform all of our programs and activities and the work we do. 

The position of Programs & Events Administrator exists to help our volunteers do their job better, ensuring the complete, accurate and timely administration of all camps and activities carried out by the organisation as well as continually improving administration procedures and business practices. 

For more info or to apply, visit our Seek Ad here.