Youth Development Programs

Lord Somers Camp and Power House provide a variety of youth development programs which each focus on different age groups. These programs address physical, social, spiritual, emotional and mental development through age and ability appropriate activities that build character, resilience, skills and attitudes.

Community Programs

Lord Somers Camp and Power House has partnered with other organisations to deliver weekend programs for various at-risk or vulnerable groups within our community. The purpose of these programs is to increase meaningful community engagement, serve others, facilitate the development of friendships and peer support networks, enhance self confidence, increase independence and provide respite to people in need

Life-Long Learning Programs

Lord Somers Camp and Power House provides life-long learning opportunities aimed at personal development, leadership, establishing connections across generations and helping people of all ages feel more connected to the community. These programs also aim to equip people with the skills to become leaders within Lord Somers Camp and Power House and the community.

Positive Ageing Program

Lord Somers Camp and Power House run a series of programs focusing on intergenerational connections and continued inclusion of people as they age. These programs identify older people as positive contributors and assets of our organisation and the wider community. In addition, these activities also create important opportunities for social inclusion and preventative health and wellbeing.