Save Power House

The community needs Power House more than ever before right now.

It is a social ecosystem that inspires community, delivering positive health and wellbeing programs to many marginalised community groups, and has done for over 90 years.

In the last decade alone, Power House has supported the delivery of 1.3 million voluntary hours and generated over $3 million in social enterprise revenue.

The work of so many has lead us proudly, however a failure to act on refurbing Power House will prevent all the incredible work in the past from expanding and prevent future generations from accessing the full LSC&PH experience.

It’s time to invest so this iconic building not only last another 90 years however it delivers:

Funds Raised $8.5m

Target $19.6m

Why it’s important

Save & expand social enterprise for community health and wellbeing programs.

Provide accessible infrastructure so all can enjoy and engage in the space.

Expand hospitality training, creative arts opportunities, sport and community careers for young people.

Remain a launchpad for young people to become empowered leaders for generations to come.

What’s the direct impact of this project?


Social Enterprise to support health and wellbeing programs grows from a declining $300k p/annum to


Voluntary hours can expand from 130,000 hours annually to over


Health & Wellbeing outcomes for young, at risk or marginalised individuals


Energy efficient building contributes vital benefits for the environment and financial efficiencies.


The wider impact


Immediate Construction Jobs


Ongoing jobs across hospitality, arts, sport and community sectors.


Based off 5% guest staying in the local economy.


Attracting visitors from local, regional, interstate and international.

The Vision




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Latest News

How To Help

We are grateful for the support and guidance from our local state government member and council and are reminded that a phone call, email or letter elevates our priority.

Key Message:

Power House is a thriving social enterprise that provides opportunity for a diverse community. The input of jobs and community participation in hospitality, sport, entertainment and performing arts drives self sustainable community health and wellbeing for many in need every year. It needs funding support today to allow it to grow and power on for a further 100 years.

Strongly Supported

  • Of the $19.6m project, $8.5m has already been committed through Government, Commercial and Philanthropy
  • Philanthropy & Commercial are prepared to support further following state based commitment

Creating Jobs & Opportunities

  • Project will deliver over 140 construction related jobs
  • 100+ hospitality training career pathways annually
  • 176 ongoing jobs across hospitality, Creative Arts, Sport and Community Industries.
  • 130,000+ volunteer hours to support community programs annually and growing

Community Health & Wellbeing

  • A social ecosystem that supports health and wellbeing for over 125,000 annually
  • Support across sport, creative arts, entertainment and community industries
  • Providing modernised infrastructure provides full accessibility, female friendly and sustainability