Save Power House

The community needs Power House more than ever before.

It is a social ecosystem that inspires community participation, delivering positive health and wellbeing programs to many marginalised community groups, and has done for over 90 years.

Through our proven social enterprise, Power House has supported the delivery of 1.3 million voluntary hours and generated over $3 million in the last decade alone.

It’s a safe and trusted place for multicultural & diverse young people, for intergenerational connections, future community leaders and a place that through collaboration delivers lasting positive health and wellbeing outcomes

It’s time to invest so this iconic building not only lasts another 90 years, but also continues to deliver outcomes for the community at a time when it’s needed most.

Funds Raised $8.5m

Target $19.6m

Overwhelming need is clear..


Low confidence, hope and self-esteem leads to a MENTAL HEALTH bill of $7.9b per annum


31.5% of young people are UNEMPLOYED or under employed


50% of young Victorians reported feeling ALONE either sometimes or always.


Since 2019, the % of young people identifying EQUITY and DISCRIMINATION as an issue of key importance has increased from 25% to 40%.

Therefore if we..

(with initial Government & Philanthropic funding support)


Create inclusive & modernised infrastructure to support a dynamic precinct for health and wellbeing


Grow & secure our profitable and thriving social enterprise that supports jobs & traineeship pathways


Model an innovative approach to health and wellbeing through collaborations and partnerships

We can deliver on..


Community Development


Youth empowerment program participants


Participants in diversity and inclusion programs for people of all backgrounds and ability 


Charity and changemaker program collaborations 

m +

Estimated in volunteered labour annually


Sport & Fitness


Engaged female participants through appropriate change facilities


Sports job pathways through rowing, cycling and fitness


Professional & beginner rowing, cycling & fitness program participation


Estimated in volunteered labour annually




Hospitality jobs and traineeship pathways for young and at need individuals


Social enterprise cafe ethically sourced coffees sold weekly


Visitation to Albert Park Lake via Power House guests & participants


Estimated in volunteered labour annually




Creative arts jobs


Audience members provided equitable access to creative experiences


Performances conducted by community and professional performers annually


Estimated in volunteered labour annually

All of which leads towards..

Preventative Mental Health

Young people feel more valued, empowered and connected to purpose that self perpetuates ongoing service to others

Jobs & Community Opportunities

Trained and mentored young people and community groups supported into employment pathways  and opportunities through arts, theatre, sports and community programs

Financial & Environmental Sustainability

Create an organisation which is financially, environmentally and socially sustainable for decades to come.

Inclusive Society & Accessible Infrastructure

Stronger and more inclusive communities that embrace & celebrate differences in fit for purpose and accessible infrastructure in a safe and inclusive environment  – ‘The Peoples Place’


Individuals directly benefitting from Power House impact annually


Social enterprise revenue for reinvestment into health and wellbeing programs annually

The project will also contribute..

More energy efficient building that is environmentally friendly

140 immediate Construction Jobs through the refurbishment

$8.2M into the local economy generated through tourism connected to events

Reduction on demand for Council and State run services

A significant Heritage Preservation for the Albert Park region

Increased visitation and general public amenities to the area

Latest News

History & Future



power house build 1964




powerhouse numbers


1. Hospitality & Events Space
2. Kitchen & Hospitality Training School
3. Community & Charity Offices
4. Level 1 Communal Foyer Space with Lift Access
5. Community Collaborative Hall & Meeting Rooms
6. Welcoming & Purposeful Entrance
7. Performing Arts Theatre

8. Ground Communal Foyer Space with Lift Access
9. Accessible Toilet & Change Facilities
10. Gymnasium & Locker Storage
11. Rowing Bays
12. Cycling Storage
13. Social Enterprise Cafe
14. Cultural Connection to Landscape

You Can Help Build Hope

We’re already raised a significant portion of the required $19.6m however now comes the hard part. For this project to progress, we need the support of the state government.

A simple phone call or email to your local MP highlighting this project as a priority for the community goes a huge way towards us achieving funding commitment and moving this project forward.

CLICK HERE to find your local MP.

First and foremost be kind, polite and respectful.

MPs have a lot on their plate so be mindful of this, they are ultimately doing their best to support as best they can.

1.  Today, more than ever, young people & diverse communities are facing significant challenges in their lives including social connection, employment, health and wellbeing.

    • Mental health bill of $7.9BPA[1]
    • 5% of young people are unemployed or underemployed[2]
    • 50% of young Victorians reported feeling alone either sometimes or always[3]
    • 40% of young people identify equity and discrimination as an issue of key importance[4]

2.   LSC&PH have a long 100-year history dating back to the late 1920s

    • Vision of creating a stronger more inclusive society through service to others is more true now than ever before;
    • Delivering meaningful inclusion and engagement opportunities that empower youth, foster inter-generational relationships, and celebrate diversity since 1929;
    • In the last decade alone LSC&PH members and volunteers have contributed over 1.3M volunteer hours in the community, mostly by those under the age of 30.

3.   Power House is a proven social enterprise, contributing over $3M in revenue back into the community through health and wellbeing programs over the past decade.

    • Failing infrastructure inhibiting social impact and capping social enterprise potential;
    • Modernised infrastructure will grow and secure a thriving social enterprise that supports jobs & traineeship pathways through community development programs, sports, arts and hospitality.

4.   Power House vision of a revitalized & sustainable health and wellbeing precinct has received $8.5m towards the project however needs further support

    • $8.5M raised from Commonwealth Government & Philanthropy towards a total budget of $19.6M
    • Ultimately as a state asset on Crown Land, the focus is securing collaborative funding together with the State Government, Circa. $7.5m
    • $4.6M planned support from Philanthropic


[1] Mission Australia Youth report
[2] FYA
[3] FYA
[4] Mission Australia Youth report

The reason for my call today, I’m asking you to support an important community facility that positively helps multicultural and diverse young peoples health and wellbeing.

The project must be a major priority to ensure it continues to deliver community programs for the entire diverse community through participation in community, sport, arts and entertainment.

The project is already part funded through the commonwealth government and philanthropy however it needs further funding commitments from the state government.

I’m writing to you regarding the Power House community hub on Albert Park lake.

I’m aware of the great community work that is contributed from the organisation together with the social enterprise benefits of the building however I’m also aware of the declining and outdated infrastructure they are operating within.

In hearing that the project is close to securing 50% of the required funds without current State commitment I felt it was important I reach out to help ensure this project gets the commitment it deserves.

Where does Power House stand as a potential for inclusion as an State Government budget commitment to secure it’s community health and wellbeing support for decades to come?