Power Up Challenge: Lighting up lives – Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Power Up Challenge: Lighting up lives

In 2020 we Rocked Around the World, in 2021 we light it up the skies in a show of community generated funds and energy supporting the Power Up Challenge.

LSC&PH worked with six other united charities to light up thousands of lives, many of whom have been directly affected by the financial and social impacts of Covid 19, and are helping to power the Victorian community’s social recovery.

The Power Up Challenge was for people of all abilities and harnessed the energy of our members, supporters and the general community. Whether stepping, wheeling, running, cycling or dancing, we generated enough energy to power the MCG for the AFL footy season!

The Power Up Finale Event: View of Power House from the sky, with the two beams of light signifying the end of a month of energy based movement.

The challenge culminated in the virtual kilowatts beaming a light that was seen for miles from Power House and celebration of community partnerships formed.

Thank you to the everyone involved through LSC&PH for your ever generous energy and support towards the challenge.

Haven’t had a chance to donate yet? No worries, the website will be open for donations until the end of April visit www.powerupchallenge.org.au and make your donation today.

As we move towards our safe return to programs, we must extend our thanks to the supporting organisations who have granted significant funding and in-kind support towards our programs return. In a year like no other we saw funding bodies increase their already generous funding pools to cover the substantial increase in requests for support to massively oversubscribed grant rounds.

We are beyond thrilled and grateful to the organisations who extended their support to Lord Somers Camp and Power House over the last period as identified below:

  • Australian Venue Co
  • Bank of Melbourne
  • Bunnings
  • Business Victoria
  • City of Port Phillip Youth Access Grants Program
  • DRUTS 69 Luncheon Group
  • Good Things Foundation
  • Gorman Foundation
  • Monarch Painting
  • NewCorp Staff Giving Fund
  • Parks Victoria Volunteering Innovation Fund
  • Ritchies Community Benefits Fund
  • Rotary Club of Melbourne
  • William Angliss Charitable Fund

In these challenging economic environments, we will continue our focus on collaborations with partner organisations providing great opportunities to make already fantastic programs even better. In collaborating with our friends such as Mirabel, VSK and Port Phillip Eco Centre we are leveraging each other’s strengths to provide even greater social impact in the community.

Picture of the Power Up Finale event. A view of the Power House balcony and Albert Park Lake with two beams of light into the night sky.

We are thrilled to be recent recipients of funding through the City of Port Phillip Youth Access Grants and Parks Victoria Volunteering Innovation Fund through this style of submission in collaboration with Port Phillip Eco Centre, and very much look forward to working with other funding bodies on future collaborations.