Power House Overview - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Power House Overview

The Albert Park Action Group has been hard at work for many years, led by Claire Sime but also strongly supported by the following members:

  • Stuart Douglas
  • Helen Casey
  • Lachlan Pfeiffer
  • John Davies
  • Georgie Birch
  • Tim Ryan

Why this project is important!

The community needs Power House more than ever before right now.

It is a social ecosystem that inspires community, delivering positive health and wellbeing programs to many marginalised community groups, and has done for over 90 years.

In the last decade alone, Power House has supported the delivery of 1.3 million voluntary hours and generated over $3 million in social enterprise revenue.

The work of so many has lead us proudly, however a failure to act on refurbing Power House will prevent all the incredible work in the past from expanding and prevent future generations from accessing the full LSC&PH experience.

Further overview of economic benefits:


  • $19.6m budget that has been developed in detail by DCWC
  • $5m committed from Commonwealth Government
  • $4m committed from commercial and philanthropy

We are working further towards:

  • State government contribution
  • Further philanthropy and commercial support


How you can help

1 – Sign our petition

Show your support by clicking the link to stand alongside us, and your community, by adding it to the growing list of Power House supporters asking that we build community back better.

2 – Contact your local member

Adding words of support towards your local member helps our chorus of approval required to seek funding support.

A basic framework would look like:

  • Intro & connection you have with LSC&PH
  • Outline you understand refurb is in the mix for funding
  • Highlight reasons you are supportive of the project
  • Ask if anything can be done to help secure the commitment from state government

It is important not to be negative, critical or abusive to any minister or staff when reach out, however simply raising that you are aware of the project and need for funding support will go a long way.

3 – Come and show your support when James Holland and other volunteers deliver a letter of support to Minister Foley

Register your interest to come and visit Minister Martin Foley with our volunteers and community leaders on the 7th of May. Contact the office on info@lordsomerscamp.org.au to register your interest and we’ll confirm if numbers permit.


Why does Power House need refurbing right now?

The building has contributed so much for decades, however it now needs our help to make sure it continues for decades to come. Without giving it the attention it requires now, risks our social enterprise sustainability for future generations.

What’s wrong with the current infrastructure?

Whilst Power House has contributed so much for so long, sadly the building is inaccessible for those requiring mobility assistance, it has infrastructure that requires continued repair, the building is energy inefficient, change facilities are not keeping up with modern day standards.

How will the refurb make a difference?

Further to modernising & strengthening infrastructure to stand for decades into the future, the project will increase the social enterprise output by 3x, provide accessibility and better engagement for thousands more whilst contributing to training and job opportunities for young people.

Furthermore, the health and wellbeing of the community will be supported through community spaces, sport and exercise, creative arts and entertainment, at risk community support and leadership programs.

When can this project commence?

It is expected (subject to funding) that work can commence within months. Planning is well progressed with architectural firm John Wardle and consultants have been appointed in varying areas in preparation to commence.

What will be going into the refurbed building?

  • Lifts so everyone can freely access the building
  • Modernised change facilities so all can use space comfortably
  • Social enterprise café on ground to foster strong sense of community connection
  • Ground level lobby and theatre space for creative arts and musicians
  • New and improved welcoming entrance and level 1 lobby to engage through to function or collaboration community spaces
  • Modernised rowing bays, gym, cycling storage and dedicated sports entrance / lobby
  • Modernised environmentally friendly, energy efficient exterior

What are some of the economic benefits?

  • Multiply current social enterprise revenue by 3
  • Reducing energy loss by 15k p/a
  • Reducing maintenance costs by $30k p/a
  • Provide training and job opportunities for 100+ young people
  • Increase volunteer contribution across multiple organisations utilising Power House to combined $5.6m
  • Estimated $7m+ economic impact into the local community from visitors traveling from regional Victoria and staying overnight in nearby hotels.