Power House Design Development - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Power House Design Development

A small group of LSC&PH members recently participated in a facilitated session to obtain key design development input to ensure the future building delivers in an effective way for our community.

Valli Morphet of Design Jam facilitated the hybrid zoom and in person session where great ideas were curated and captured.

“As a built environment consultant there are times where your life feels like a merry go round of changing projects. But every now and again something special comes along” Valli explained.

Lord Somers Camp and Power House have been running youth development programs since 1929. It was a pleasure to facilitate the inaugural Reference Group meeting with CEO Tim Ryan and Minnie Cade from John Wardle Architects, who are leading the design development, on the (much needed) Power House Renewal project”.

Valli continued to say: “A great group of stakeholders shared their views within a blended engagement format, successfully balancing face to face and digital in the same room. Looking forward to seeing this project quickly move into construction phase.

This project is all encompassing and these sessions are important to attempt to capture a lot of fantastic ideas for the betterment of our community.