Pirates of the Pantomime – Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Pirates of the Pantomime

The Power House Theatre Group returns with this original pantomime script by Emma Davies and Maree Williams. Thanks to the talents of Jono Cowan, it’s coming to a screen near you!

Pirates of the Pantomime sees our hapless beauty Edward set off on an ill-fated ocean adventure inspired by the theatrical escapades of his delightfully pompous uncle. When reality sets in, our hero, the famous pirate captain Jackie, is called in to save the day. But will she be thwarted by the exploits of our mysterious villain and her two giggle-inducing sidekicks?

With plenty more on the menu for this motley crew of pirates and wannabes, will it be adventure, romance or comedy that comes to the audience’s rescue? Whichever way it goes, it’s guaranteed they’ll sing a song about it!

Pick how you watch!

There will be one in person screening of the Pantomime, with limited tickets. There are also two sessions where you can stream. Or alternatively, purchase an on demand link (available for one week only). Choose to watch the show yourself, with your family or host a watch party for those real life heckles. There are also special extras for those who want even more of a Panto fix.

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