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PandA: Who’s been awesome?

One of the highlights of PandA each month is hearing about what is happening in our programs and activities and all the members and staff who have been awesome. This is the kind of stuff that gives you goosebumps and is so worth sharing.

So, who’s been awesome? Find out below what our various portfolio and program and activity leaders say about our members and staff from February to April this year.

Positive Ageing: John Robert

  • Sally Howie for continuing the Positive Ageing monthly lunches which are the successor of the Auxiliary meetings. Lunches held on the third Tuesday of each month.

Slushies: Matt Devine

  • The Slushie Duke. He was great in Mess with the entertainment, and great with the groupers, due to being a teacher.
  • The 2iCs and MALs. They keep coming to me with ideas and put in a huge amount of effort. They have really stepped up.
  • Sam Ponsford for organising the working bee and stunt lunch.
  • Connor Beadman for rallying the young Slush for Founders’ Day.

Inclusion Working Group: Olivia Gutterson

  • Sam Patterson has been a phenomenal help. He assisted with the majority of Pride March preparation and has helped draft many action items.
  • Ella Ciardulli has been an incredibly motivated individual, always bringing new ideas and passion to the IWG.
  • Jess Napier is incredible, embedding IWG discussions and values into every aspect of her many other roles within the organisation.
  • Matisse Knight as chair of the RAPSWG has been incredible to work with and is so passionate about working in this space. Her knowledge and experience with the RAP has been paramount to guiding our approach.
  • Jacob Naqash has provided great assistance in the CALD space and maintains a nuanced and considered approach to all discussions and action items.
  • Whitney Beadman for scoping out lighting opportunities for the flagpole whilst at Goldies camp (what a superstar!) and for always sharing her knowledge and wisdom with members.
  • Marco de Ieso has been great. Very practical advice. Makes things easy. Has a great understanding of our culture and intentions.

Very Special Kids Camp: Georgie Johnstone

  • The whole organising committee for VSK24A were fabulous!
  • Executive Team for VSK 24A – Jay Fewkes, Josie Harris-Wetherbee, Eleni Giakoumis, Georgia Clooney – for striving for continuous improvement in all areas of VSK Camp and wanting to cement high standards. A big thank you for all they did during my tenure to make it so successful!

Lady Somers Camp: Georgie Birch

  • Marnie Lassen, Cristina Tambasco, Monica Lo Presti, Clare Rossiter, Sophie Bowker, Meaghan Hocking, Brigid Canny, Ness Wood, Brydon O’Neill Guy and Cath Spurritt for delivering an awesome BC2024.

Youth Activities: Phoebe Watson

  • Jenna Jansen Van Rensberg, Georgie Gore, Luke Russo and Kate Delaney for all their work on Empowerme and MAX Camp.

Slushees: Ness Wood

  • Hannah Mallet for running The Fling.
  • Mardi Goldsworthy for being Slush Co-Hod at Mirabel.
  • Amy Waters for support with random tasks.
  • Jayne Behrendorff for securing new couches for use by all Somers camps.
  • Anonymous for this comment regarding taking on a role: ‘I have had a think about it… I am very nervous/excited. I suppose if we expect groupers to be out of their comfort zone then we have to model and do the same sometimes! I will give it my all!’
  • Claire Fagan. Claire has continued to draft handwritten letters on behalf of the Slush. Some of these are to older members of the organisation who may not have access to emails, others are new parents – wishing them well and sending them a Slushee bib. Regardless of the content, Claire’s dedication to writing these letters helps us maintain strong engagement with our members, especially during times when they may be considering leaving camp due to other commitments. Her efforts are truly appreciated and contribute significantly to our community’s cohesion and connection.
  • Kelly Clark. Thanks to Kelly’s assistance, who brought her husband and child to babysit my children while I attended Oldies camp in Somers, I had the opportunity to connect with many long-serving members of our community and share updates about the exciting initiatives the Slushees have been working on. Kelly’s support was invaluable, allowing me to fully engage in the camp experience and strengthen our community bonds.

Mirabel Camp: Fizz Dakin

  • I could almost name everyone! We had an incredible, dedicated and hard-working staff crew! All the Exec – Will Hosking, Lou Noble, Bec Nassau, Janine Mayer, Matt White. HODs Brodie Car, Harry Officer, Taylah Kent, Sam Dakin, Amy Waters and Sophie Gains, Tilly McDonald and Greg Cater, Michael Simkiss and Mardi Goldsworthy, Sophie Bowker and Mel Car, Ben Shettigara, Lily Pospisil, Mags Dawson, Riley Guerin, Jayden Eddy, Rob Gemmell, Renee Bouvier, Imogen Lamble, Grace Oliver, Lily Burman, the JFS, Charli Rook-Kelly, Olivia Gutterson and Sam Ponsford, Sam Patterson and Kathryn Miegel, Maisy Hammond, Amy Knox and Eve Gray.

MAX Camp: Georgie Gore and Luke Russo

  • Mardi Goldsworthy has been amazing in assisting at meetings with running ice breaker games. She has helped facilitate a space for our meeting when we can’t use Power House and brings so much fun and good vibes to the team. We are so lucky to have her on our Exec!

Somers Inc: Alex Escudero

  • Jack Whitehouse (Somers Staff) has been instrumental in a front facing role with clients. Through his positive leadership and professional standards of planning and service delivery, our schools continue to have experiences that surpass their expectations. 

Kristen Hammond
Light Blue 1989
Chair, Programs and Activities Committee