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PandA: Who, what, when, why?

PandA is the Program and Activities sub-committee of the LSC&PH Board. A lot of members know about PandA, but they might not know the who, why, when and what of PandA. So as Chair of the PandA Committee, I thought I’d bring you up to speed on all things PandA.


PandA is comprised of 14 leaders (members) and staff from our organisation who have responsibility for various programs and activities or portfolios of programs and activities. The organisation chart below shows all the programs and activities sitting under the PandA committee.

Roles in blue sit on PandA and there are currently some vacant positions. We are currently interviewing for a Volunteer PandA Coordinator and Observer and later this year we will be looking to appoint members to take on Association Activities Leader and Chair of a newly reformed Program Quality Framework Working Group. If you have any interest in either of these roles, please feel free to reach out to me directly at

The Slushie King and Slushee Queen report in to their respective Camp Leaders in relation to our Big Camp programs, but also sit on PandA because of their year-long involvement across a range of our programs and activities, and their unique role within our organisation.

Roles in green currently sit on PandA, but once we have an Association Activities Leader in place, they will report in to that leader. Roles in orange report in to various PandA members.

Representing Somers Inc and the Office team respectively, Alex Escudero and Connor Beadman also sit on PandA.


The Board is responsible for overseeing the operations of the programs and activities of LSC&PH and delegates this role to the PandA sub-committee. PandA’s responsibilities are outlined in its terms of reference and our duties include: ensuring policies, procedures and systems are in place for all our programs and activities; modelling best practice conduct and behaviour in line with our mission, vision and values; ensuring our programs are evaluated and monitored and meet our organisational objectives; considering new programs and activities; appointing program and activity leaders and supporting them and their leadership teams, and members; working collaboratively with the Office team and Somers team, and other Board sub-committees to support the effective delivery of programs and activities. 


PandA meets on the second Tuesday of every month from February to December each year. We have January off for Big Camp season! Generally, we meet online, particularly given our committee is geographically dispersed from Princetown in the west of Victoria to Somers on the Mornington Peninsula, and from across Melbourne too. We are working to get together as a committee for 2-3 meetings per year though as in-person connection is so important. Meetings go for two hours, and sometimes a little longer!


PandA meetings kicked off this year with a survey of all PandA members to get a quick snapshot of all the issues that PandA members would like to work through in our meetings this year. Together with input from the Board, CEO, and other Board sub-committees, and working with the Office and Somers team, we will be working through items including:

  • Further embedding child safety policies and practices across all programs and activities;
  • Improving program and activity operations by reviewing staff to participant ratios, succession and contingency planning, visitor’s policy and managing dietary requirements;
  • Improving program and activity operations by developing a shared online resource site to capture all our instructions, processes and more;
  • Improving training and mentoring for leaders and members;
  • Improving the inclusivity, accessibility and diversity of our programs and activities including beginning work on a Reconciliation Action Plan;
  • Recruiting for a variety of roles across PandA and our programs and activities including Association Activities Leader, PQF Working Group Chair, PandA Coordinator and Youth Observer, Slushie King, Slushee Queen, Lord Somers Camp Leader, ATLAS Camp Leader, Mirabel Camp Leader and Community Outreach Initiative Leader.

Keep you eye on the No Rest News for updates from various program and activity leaders, and the PandA committee. Feel free to get in touch if you have anything you would like to discuss about our programs and activities. Always keen for a chat!

Kristen Hammond
Chair, Programs and Activities Committee
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