Organic waste at Somers site - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Organic waste at Somers site

We are very thankful to Helen McRory for introducing us to Zero Waste and pointing us in the right direction to help create less organic waste and help dispose of it locally to help sustainability. Lord Somers Camp has proudly been working alongside Mornington Peninsula Zero Waste to compost our organics waste sustainably and locally. It has been a very successful initiative for our school based social enterprise programs with consistent pick ups each week. Unfortunately for our association programs the amount of organics waste produced is far too much for Zero Waste’s capacity. This has meant we are not diverting all our food waste from landfill and possibly over ordering food quantities. Having the support of Zero Waste available presents a fabulous opportunity for us to put our already amazing volunteer efforts towards even more positive sustainable impacts. Together we can be proud of what we have already achieved and strategise to implement new processes to cut down our organics waste production at all programs.