Olds & Bolds- a cherished time together - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Olds & Bolds- a cherished time together

Amidst laughter and heartfelt conversations, some of our older members gathered again for their cherished Olds and Bolds lunch. This special event, filled with warmth and nostalgia, brings together those who have dedicated many years to the camp, fostering a strong bond of friendship that endures beyond their active service.

As they share stories and reminisce about their experiences at camp, these seasoned members celebrate the enduring spirit and camaraderie that Lord Somers Camp instilled in them. Each photo captures the essence of their connections, showcasing not just the memories of the past, but the ongoing fellowship that continues to thrive.

Their reunion is a testament to the camp’s lasting impact, highlighting how these lifelong friendships are nurtured through shared history and mutual support. The Olds and Bolds lunch is more than a gathering—it’s a living tribute to the legacy of Lord Somers Camp and the enduring power of community.