Oldies Camp - Reflections from Rob Andrew - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Oldies Camp – Reflections from Rob Andrew

What does the camp mean to me? Networking with older (and some younger) members of Lord Somers Camp and Power House, refreshing my knowledge of what and where our organisation is headed and identifying what and how I can become more involved going forward.

“Oldies Camp” (as it is affectionally known as) is a camp for Lord Somers Camp and Power House Men who are 55 years or older. Many of the Oldies are active members of Lord Somers Camp and Power House, attend Big Camp and/or various community camps or other activities, like for example, weekly meetings of the Archives team. Others participate in regular social events including monthly meals with The Old and Bolds. In a nutshell, I found that there are many ways for our older members to maintain a close alliance with our organisation. Indeed, the message which came through loud and clear is that the organisation is keen for more active participation from the Oldies. One of the highlights for me was an inspiring speech by Daniel Kellett, who has recently been elevated to the role of Community Camp Coordinator. Dan invited the Oldies to participate actively in community camps going forward.

This was my second consecutive camp with my first Oldies Camp being twelve months ago. My first Oldies Camp was to some extent “uncomfortable”, largely because I was so used to rushing about camp in whatever Department I was allocated and literally looking for things to do. I love the work ethic at Somers and it’s something which I automatically default to upon entering the camp gates. My second Oldies Camp was more relaxed in the sense that I knew what to expect. As an aside, I was forced to take it easy as I was in recovery mode following hip replacement surgery on 7 February.

The Oldies played various sports, including: Croquet, Bocce, Bowls, Finska and Golkey. The first four sports are fairly well known in the sense that they are off the shelf and well recognised. Golkey on the other hand is similar to golf but played with a hockey stick and a tennis ball. The competitive spirit amongst the Oldies was intense to say the least but at all times within the spirit of “it’s the game that counts it’s only the game that counts”. Thank you to Mal Cater, my partner in Bocce where we were the runners up.

Visitors to the Oldies Camp included The Slushie King and Slushee Queen, The President and Camp Chief to name a few. Finally, a vote of thanks for all the hard and behind the scenes work that went into the Camp: John Prossor, John Davies and Derek Skues in particular.