Oldies Camp Highlight – Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Oldies Camp Highlight

For 25 years, LSC&PH have been running Oldies camp, a camp where over 55 year old men have the opportunity to attend a weekend camp at Somers. The year was a huge highlight with over 70 men attending camp having plenty of fun, telling plenty of stories and connecting together for an all round good time.

In our social fabric it is incredibly important that we engage in intergenerational connections and this camp was supported by a number of young volunteers that cooked, cleaned and ran games for those who did the same years (or some decades) before. It is a chance where men can connect with others to ensure a strong sense of belonging is recharged whilst having plenty of fun along the way.

In a few weeks time, we are looking forward to Goldies camp, a chance where over 55 year old woman will connect down at camp.