Oldies Camp 2024- Games report - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Oldies Camp 2024- Games report

This year, less than 50 participated in the Games, including a number of Slushies who added much needed youth to the general cohort and promoted inter generational mixing. All events again appeared to be enjoyed by the participants.

The Games comprised the five scheduled knock out competitions of Bocce, Bowls, Croquet, Finska and Golkey, which was again reduced to six holes.

For the first round, the participants were again divided into five groups to equally distribute participants between events. A coloured sticker was fixed to each name tag to indicate the allocated group. (red, green, yellow, blue and silver). To overcome no shows, late arrivals and those who did not wish to participate, pairs were arranged as participants arrived at each event. Where possible, each group selected four different pairs (eight participants) for each event.

The Bowls final took place, as usual, under lights on Saturday evening with an enthusiastic group of spectators. The finals of the other events took place sequentially on Sunday morning with spectators moving from one final to the next.

The referees and winners of each event were as follows:

Bocce Referees: John Robert and Greg Ross

Winners: Alan Doyle and David Friend

Bowls Referees: David Mayer and Bruce Patching

Winners: Malcolm Kemp and Don Todd

Croquet Referees: John Harrison and Dick Webster, assisted by Derek Skues

Winners: Trevor Isherwood and Malcolm Kemp

Finska Referees: Ross Davies and Peter Gunkel

Winners: Peter Gunkel and Mark Isherwood

Golkey Referees: Peter Brooks

Winners: Greg Ross and Vern Tessier

Again Malcolm Kemp won two of the five events but this year with different partners.

As usual, perpetual trophies and miniatures were presented to the winning pairs at the conclusion of Sunday lunch. I thank my able deputy, Alan “Spock” Doyle, the referees and the participants for their diligence, enthusiasm and “Play the Game” spirit, which resulted in yet another successful year of competition.

On Friday morning, only three participated in the golf tournament at HMAS Cerberus and as a consequence Graeme Upton was able to St Patrick’s Day beer glasses to all of them. Malcolm Kemp made a plea for more players to participate next year as they only play nine holes followed by a counter lunch, nearby.

Derek Skues, Games Director