Moving Forward after State Budget - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Moving Forward after State Budget

First and foremost, we would like to thank all of you who signed the petition, made time to meet with key decision makers or generally carried our message forward to deliver a much-needed refurbishment of Power House. Several of our young members (pictured) handed over 1600 petition voices and were proud and appreciative of the opportunity.

We are however deeply disappointed our Power House social enterprise community project has been overlooked in the recent state budget. This said, we are so proud of the way our community have rallied so positively and humbled by the way everyone has conducted themselves through this process.

The key message today though is that all is not lost. We’ve dusted ourselves off and continue in our resilient fashion to ensure the community gets what it so importantly deserves. With the continued commitment of philanthropy, commonwealth, and commercial support we can carry forward to secure a future that is worthy of the splendid work of the past.

We are excited to be working on a refocused approach to the project that allows us to take important steps in the right direction. The first phase is concentrated on replacing the roof, and in doing so ensure a long term viability of our current social enterprise, creative arts and community spaces.

As good as a long-term leak-proof roof is, the community deserve so much more than just a new roof. Further stages of works will provide us the key opportunity to progress with comfortable and digestible infrastructure plans that give benefits such as full accessibility, modernized and energy efficient façades, improved change room access for all, fit for purpose community spaces, improved and expanded theatre, café and access for more sporting groups.

We are excited to share the detail of these plans with you in the coming months as we do what is right, and secure the future of Power House for many