Mirabel Hamper Donations - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Mirabel Hamper Donations

Life is often challenging for many of our Mirabel families. To make them feel loved and cared for, we like to send each family home with a hamper.

To make this possible, we are asking if you can donate some items to be included in the hampers. You can either drop items off to the LSC&PH Office at Albert Park by 12 October or bring them with you to Mirabel. Please consider everyday items that families need, such as:

  • Food items – dried biscuits, canned food, pasta, rice, taco kits, dried fruit, cordial, things for school lunch boxes
  • Toiletries – shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair ties, sanitary products
  • Miscellaneous – washing up detergent, gladwrap, foil, zip lock lunch bags, laundry detergent

If it is easier, you can bring six of the same thing because we will then put one in each hamper.
We aim for the hampers to be as healthy as possible because some of the children have behaviours that can be made worse by consuming too much sugar.

Thank you so much for your help. Your support will be greatly appreciated by the Mirabel Foundation and every Mirabel family.